Italian Blog…. will it ever get filled?

Because, you see, in spite of all my good intentions and living in Italy for a month I haven’t been able to update my site and my blog. Too much to do, too tired and no internet were the main reasons!
Really, it is astounding how much energy it takes to be outside all day, learn a new language, ‘fix’ things, drive up and down the hill every day and just ‘be’ there ! I was tired most every evening and did not have energy left to update the blog!

So now we’re back home in Holland for almost two weeks already, with so much unfinished business both here AND there…… but I figured I need to write at least something!

On the picture you see the state of our current ‘living room’…… with no kitchen installed, no sink, no laundry machine and temporary furniture. That’s how we lived – or rather camped out – for a month. We DID get a kitchen ordered, and some storage space, and a lot of work done to clean the yard. But not nearly enough yet. Will report on some of the stuff we did more in detail later on, until we return again later this summer !

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