Tinkering with pictures…..

Yes, I’m a Photographic Packrat….. a Picture Nut…. whatever. Doing a recent ‘scan’ on my USB hard disk the system found over 30.000 photos…. I made them over the past 4 years ! But what’s worse… I ‘collect’ photo tools, AND I use them too. I have ACDSee 7.0, Paint Shop Pro (now Corel!) X, Photopshop CS2, Picasa, Corel PhotoAlbum, Hypersnap, Fireworks, Freehand… and a few more.

The trouble is of course that they ALL function differently, they all have slightly different features – which I use pf course – and so it makes my life really difficult deciding which tool to use at any given time.

I was, actually, a LOT better off with just one… and make do with it. Ow….. the luxury problems we have to cope with in this day and age !! 😉

Anyway, I’ve made my Christmas card last night, and I changed the heading on this blog. Now on to my new FSAddon site…. happily ‘Xooping’ along ! 🙂

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