Starting to come together

With the new blog theme my ‘blog’ is now slowly changing into a news and archive site. Here’s the plan: instead of having all of my interests scattered over a wide variety of separate blogs (websites) and Facebook/Twitter links, I am now trying to collect them in my main blog (this one) and collect them under the ‘Topics’ tab above for easier browsing. The ‘news’ page up front will show my personal favorites, but through the topics section you can find all the things I read (and write) nicely ordered and ranked.

This theme works with thumbnails (featured images) for all the posts. I never used those much, so you’ll see a lot of empty placeholders for the old posts. But with adding new contact that ‘problem’ will solve itself along the way. The only problem I have now is to find a picture for each and every post I make….. oh well….. 🙂

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