Web stuff takes time……

As do most things new in life…. As you have noticed, nothing has changed on the Weblog looks yet. For now I am just happy to hammer away at the keys and post some ‘news’ every once in awhile. The ‘nice looks’ will just have to wait.

I have put up a Christmas page on my www.fsaddon.com and am working hard on setting up a whole new FSAddon.com website. THAT takes a considerable amount of time too. Lots of new things to figure out and learn. I am now experimenting with a content management system called Xoops…. hoping it won’t be a ‘woops’. Looks good so far….. if you want a sneak peek at an ever-changing system, that might even be GONE again one day, look here HERE .

I am not doing this because I really like the new ‘style’ better, but out of pure necessity. The current site is made up of separate pages that need manual design, each and every one of them. That worked just dandy when I had only one product and 1000 ideas…… with many products to advertise and still 1000 ideas it just takes too much of my time.

So ‘in’ with the modern stuff… CMS…… still a lot of work to get it all figured out and set up, but hopefully it will save me some time in future.

Oh, if you’re interested, here is the Xoops home page.

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  1. Good work creating the new site Francois. I must admit that the FSAddon headquarters need a little “refresher”.

    But at least you have major thing going for you: you have the great products! The rest, well, it’s packaging!

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