Folks keep peeping…..

IMAG1162…. peeping into my blog, that is. Although I haven’t written on it in ages ! Blame Facebook! Blame a chronic lack of time! Blame having to paint the house! Blame ME!

So alright, I’ll try and pick things up again, if only to satisfy those curious about this blog. What happened since the last episode, in a nutshell:

  • I stopped running because of a knee and hip (?) injury
  • we had someone paint (most of) our house
  • we bought new doors and had our designated carpenter John put them in
  • I painted all the door frames with glossy paint
  • we then left for France and rode our 1200GS
  • we didn’t ride too much, because there was rain every afternoon for 3 weeks (!)
  • I started to re-paint the parts the painter had missed (Nina says)
  • still have to paint all the window frames inside
  • started to develop Normandy’s Mulberry harbour in Sketchup (phew!)
  • took up running again, knee is better, hip is remains creaking
  • was very busy with a website and forum customer
  • ……. and now preparing for our trip to Romania and France….

There you have it. And yes, I’ll try and update a bit more frequently again, but no promises. Want to learn 3DSMax as well as Sketchup and development takes precedence!

Wishing you all a good rest of the Summer !

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