New PC ordered…..

The ONE thing one cannot buy is ‘time’… I am sure you all know. Good health and time are the two things on top of my list of ‘to have’s’….. I should invest more in the first, actually, but it is hampered by not having enough of the second. Dilemma !

Anyway, yesterday I finally ordered a second PC. Needed for backup of my business machine AND geared for the new to come FS version 😉

I am getting a CoolerMaster Stacker (server tower) with a 600W PSU, an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard, 2 Maxtor 300Gb hard disks, 1 Gig of RAM (for now), an MSI 7800 GTX 256 graphics card and the usual array of DVD burners, card readers etc.
This will be the most powerful system I have ever owned….. and the most expensive one too. So we’d better start making money next year !!!

I have no place to put it of course …. need to build another desk in the empty space I created next to my current one. Haven’t figured out how to add pictures yet…. but I made plenty when re-doing the office. Later !

FreightDogs looks to be delayed…. Mathijs is just too busy. Good.. we can use a few extra days actually. 😉

Oh, I also added a new link to the right.. that of the blog of my good friend Mike Apsey, aka Doc. Mike always has interesting opinions and links to other sites and subjects. I think his writings are of importance, so I hope he doesn’t mind me linking to him 🙂

And now….. another long day ahead.. oh sh.. it’s 11:18, almost half of it gone already !
Cheerio !


  1. François and friends,

    First, I’m completely envious of your new computer François! Congratulations!

    Second, adding me to your sidebar is the greatest of honors and I thank you.

    A very merry Christmas to you and Nina!

    Mike (Doc) Apsey

  2. Thank you for visiting Mike. This way I can return the honor 🙂

    Also Merry Christmas to you from Nina and myself!

  3. Wow, what a system… Can I come out and turn the power crank handle, or is this one ‘foot’ powered? LOL!!! One of my local friends wants me to work on his and his sisters VERY old systems I built for them years ago… AMD 300Mhz systems! I’m trying to build up the heart to tell them they are better off donating them to charity and start over with new towers…

  4. Francois,
    What CPU are you going to use and are the new HD’s the SATA style?

  5. Hi Don,
    CPU is the AMD 64X2 4400+ (dual processor), and yes, these are 2 SATA drives. The case has 11 5.25″ bays, and plenty more space inside, 3 fans standard, and room for more 😉

    I will need an extra power generator, indeed.. I think the lights in the house will dimm when I plug this baby in…. LOL !

  6. The more I look at your new machine specs, the more envious I become.

    Really–what a great system, François. I’m very proud and happy for you and your customers.

    I can only imagine what FS9 (and 10) might look and play like on that dual CPU thing.

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