I love customers

You know, ever since I discovered the ‘internet’, bulletin boards, discussion boards, forums, chat and whatever other means of communication there are via the Net, I have loved it. It really makes the world THAT much smaller, allowing to learn that much more from people living in places and cultures all over the globe.

But what I love most of ‘being my own boss’ is HAVING actual CUSTOMERS and being able to communicate with them. Yes, even the grumpy ones who mess up their PC’s and blame me, or us .

Every day I watch who buys FSAddon products and every day I am thrilled to see where people are from. China, Dominican Republic, Poland, Russia, Holland, Spain, the US, Peru….. they are EVERYWHERE! That is FUN!
And also great to see buyers living in places I have been (sometimes often), and invoking associated memories of those places.

And… if people tell us they LOVE what we have made…… what can top that !!?? 🙂

I never had this working for the big corporations over the past 30 years. Back then other people were ‘customer facing’ (and not always doing a good job IMHO).
Now the customersre MINE, I love every minute of it and would NEVER go back to that boring, unrewarding corporate executive job !!! (oh well, we might become so crazily successful that I become an executive again…. of my own company… !

Have a nice Sunday everybody !!

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