FSCargo gets update…

Maurizio sent me an update for FSCargo 1.0 last night, which I have to try of course.
But first we have to finish off the Freight Dogs title for Aerosoft. Two days remaining to test the scenery, test the special version of FSCargo AND to make the manual….. Yikes !!! We knew it would be short, but time seems to go a lot faster when you get older. Know the feeling !?? 😉


  1. He Francois,

    Looks great this site. Love to read your blog. However I wonder where you get the time to do this…;)

    Great news about the update and Freightdogs. Really looking forward to this one. I hope it’s compatible with MegaSceneries PWN…

    Vriendelijke groeten,

  2. Hoi Rob,

    dunno about PNW, we still don’t have a copy 😉
    But FreightDogs is pretty much a ‘standalone’ addition for box buyers… ot entirely the same ‘audience’ that buys our regular titles. We have not ‘made’ it compatible… Holger Sandmann provided his magic again, but only around the airfields modelled. Then who needs PNW, eh? 😉

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