Attention FSAddon Customers…….

Especially for our US customers who may not be aware…. European Summer Vacation Season encompasses some three months from June till September!!
‘We’ still think having 3 to 5 weeks off is a great way to enjoy some of your life, instead of just working and getting rich. 😉

Anyway, Nina and I will head for our French retreat next Sunday, which means that FSAddon activities will be low-keyed for a few months, with travel on and off and a pause in CD/DVD Production.

I’ll take my main PC along, so on-going projects will be, well……  on-going, but at a lower speed and priority. The shop will remain open, but DVD’s will have to wait shipping until we return to Holland (and my printer/burner, which just doesn’t fit in our tiny apartment).

Administration activities will also be somewhat delayed, as we travel on August 5 and 6. And at other, not yet scheduled days.

We wish you, our customers and our authors, a wonderful Summer and happy holidays !

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