Heading south soon

Yup, it is that time of year again. Time to start preparing to head south, where the days are longer and the roads more twisty. Mind you, we don’t necessarily need to travel to the Alps to get our share of snow, we’re fine here up north too now, thank you very much.
While I type this it is still snowing like mad WITH a nice Force 7 gale making sure the stuff gets EVERYWHERE! Good thing the floor heating seems to be working again since the last ‘intervention’ yesterday afternoon.

Anyway, I’ll be posting ‘Méribel stuff’ again in the coming months. One of the things we would dearly want is MORE FRENCH visitors in the resort….. so as to make less room for the new ‘nouveau riche’ from Russia. There may be nice and honest people among them, but in general we’re not happy to see our mountain resort turn into a Mafia Playground with Russian texts plastered all over the place and filled with people who seem to have no manners installed into them at any point during their lives. Sad.

I’ll see if I can put up a link to the many webcams of our valley, somewhere in the right-hand column? Here’s a ‘current picture’ to begin with !

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