US2010 #8 – So much for a Travel Blog

Yes, I know, I was going to keep a blog on our travels. Well, shoooo….. ran out of time during the past 4 weeks, believe it or not. Meanwhile we’ve finished our stay on Aruba, had a wonderful time with our friends in Seattle, ‘did’ Ketchikan, Alaska, rode to Mount St Helens on Barry’s RT, and are now spending a wonderful time with friends in the San Francisco Bay area.

So far I shot some 4000+ photos, some of which actually came out well, and collected a wealth of memories that I all have to share with you at some point.


Right now I am looking for my genuine Bald Eagle to use for this post, wondering, why it is cold wherever we go…… or hot, for that matter. Also wondering why it is so hard for US businesses to accept international credit and debit cards….. especially at gas stations. They treat customers the same way the immigration officers do: enemies! 😉
The shops are much better at it…. Nina had no problems at all to shop at all places we went to so far….. urghs.

Also visited the awesome USS Hornet with Richard. That, together with flying the RV4 and the Taylorcraft, and of course the 2,5 hour flight in the Beaver through the Misty Fjords, were the highlights of this trip so far.

Yesterday we did our first ‘independent’ trip in Jacqueline’s Ford pick-up truck. It is small (for me) and I hurt my back driving it…. but Nina loves it !
Truth be told, I am still baffled by the pick-up mania in this country. To me these things are the ultimate in inefficiency as regards to usability beyond single drivers. There’s no room to hang your coat, let alone store your rucksack with camera. The cargo bed cannot be closed, so nothing of value can be stored there… IF you can open it without hurting yourself, as Nina did.

I am sure there are some uses for them (like carrying poles for your cattle ranch) but in this case I respectfully declare my American friends for ‘weird’. The country that invented the Stationwagon should be more practical?

But that being said, we are utterly grateful for all the hospitality we find here and hoping to be able to return the favor at some point to all people we met here 🙂

Now, where did I put that eagle picture??????

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