USA 2010 #7 – Florida

We’ve made it through ‘immigration’ again, even though we are not planning to immigrate – well, not HERE  anyway – and we’re back in the land of the countless SUV’s and gun-toting people. Heck, even the ticket guy on the train carried a .38 !! (Good thing too, because some guy with a mountain bike started making waves …. probably the heat ;0) ).

Anyway, we had a wonderful flight up here, and I’ll be ‘flying’ the Caribbean again on my simulator after this trip. The blue is incredible, and there are thousands of islands to hop to.
Google Earth is a wonderful invention too. It allowed me to compare my pictures with theirs, so I now know what I saw. That would not have been the case 10 years ago for sure!

While typing this I am listening to excited news readers, yelling that the Chilian miners are about to being rescued. Good for them and I am feeling a bit guilty, sitting here in the airco of a luxury kitchen. Hope the guys all survive this ordeal. We visited some coastal caves on Aruba and I already got claustrophobic.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with Bob Brown, whom I know from Facebook exchanges, who is kind enough to drive me all the way to Polk City. Am looking forward to some interesting discussion and seeing some great planes.


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