USA 2010 #6 – leaving Aruba

I know Vivian is disappointed with me. I can’t help it. I am NOT a guy for hot weather, and even less so if it rains warm water and ever nook and cranny is filled with nasty mosquitoes. Not her fault, not mine either, but Aruba is most certainly not the place of my dreams. I just hope she’ll cope better with it than I did these past 10 days!

Having said that we DID have some good and interesting days and of course it was good to be with our daughter, even though we didn’t get her to have for ourselves much. We’ll organize differently next time.

Today we had a very extensive lunch at a resort near the sea, looking out over the local golf course.Yesterday was Viv’s party and we stayed up till 3 am (yaaaaaawn), after having done some shopping and shooting pictures in Oranjestad, the capital.The day before yesterday we drove around on our own (well, almost, taking Viv’s friend Sophie along with us), and visited some local ‘touristy spots’ before returning the Toyota rental truck.

The day before that we ‘did’ the national park Arikok and went swimming in the Caribbean (a first for us).

All good fun and somewhat balancing the rained out days we encountered in the first part of our stay.

Mainly because of the intense heat and dampness and my inability to cope well with it have I not maintained the blog as I planned. Sorry. hopefully things will improve from here on. Although Miami also shows major heat ……

Next report will come from Florida I hope !

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