US 2010 – #3

Well, she made it…. Nina got everything, bar one bottle of Spanish liquor, in the 2 suitcases (and 2 carry-on trollies). They weigh 23 kg each (!!), the absolute maximum allowed. (And I am NOT going to pay 50 Euros extra just to add a bottle of the sticky stuff!).

So now we wait. Wait! I haven’t closed my notebook yet…… just a few last minute bills to pay, an extra charge for the Netbook, finding my riding glasses, and, oh yes, getting rid of this sudden throat infection maybe !? Grrrrr……..

Nina has instructed our friend and neighbor Saskia on what to do, what not to do, and when to (not) do it. Fortunately they seem to speak the same language, as I have not understood any of it and would probably end up watering the garbage can and thrashing the flowers.

I can’t think of anything else I have forgotten. So we’ll just leave it at that. We’ll now wait to go to bed, not that we’ll sleep much, and then to get taken to the airport tomorrow morning (and braving the traffic jams). Only THEN does our journey start. a journey to see  new things, meet new friends and re-unite with old ones !

Maybe I’ll even get some time to write on my book during this trip. But don’t hold your breath.

Tallyho !!!

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