15.700 forum posts

That’s what I had on simFlight on last count. Or 5,5 posts PER DAY since 2002. I guess that makes me a writer? AVSIM shows only 2800+, but that’s after a restart in 2002 I think. had some 5000 there too. Gosh, I could have written a BOOK filled with FS statements.

Talking of which, Sergio sent me a copy of his (German language) book of Flight Simulator 2010 that actually contains an interview with yours truly, explaining my take on FSX and FS in general. Very nice book it is too, thanks Sergio !

Since we’re at the topic of Flight Simulator now, let me tell you that Simon’s Lockheed Hudson looks very promising and I hope to have a Beta version soon. And we’re already planning the NEXT FSX aircraft too. I am not going to tell you yet which one it is (competition is killing some of the fun in this business too), but I CAN tell you that I will have a special photo shoot of it at Kermit Weeks’ museum in Florida next month (Fantasy of Flight).

And there’s yet another MAJOR project in the works at FSAddon, of which I am also not going to tell you much. Suffice it to say it has to do with shipping!

And talking of shipping, I agreed to support Tracey Thatcher with running FS-Shipyards.org after her husband, Ian Thatcher, sadly passed away recently. I knew Ian for many years and helped him here and there with publicity and contacts and I think his well-known website deserves to remain on-line. Will post more on those activities in the months to come.


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