So much to do…….

The jaw operation this month did not help get rid of my backlog in FS projects….. 😉

Here are some of the things I am working on (you’ll excuse me not telling everything…. after all, this IS a public log 😉 )….

Gotta get Freight Dogs for Aeorosoft ready early next week, have Salt Lake City from CoBoy Design to look after, Sado Island needs packaging and docs made, have to make some publicity for the FSHost server again… need more money to run it), update the CockpitCenter (that is really falling by the wayside 🙁 ), need to follow up with a few companies regarding cockpit stuff (can’t tell you more), have an interesting mail exchange regarding possible paid ‘on-line FS support’ (waych this space), need to order my new, FS-dedicated PC (been trying for weeks now), and have to clean up my current PC of old projects and installs…..

And that’s only the things directly related to FS.. so go figure….

Do I have time for my Weblog!? Heck yes !! I consider this as part ‘hobby’, part ‘publicity’….. so it fits in nicely. And since the batteries of my watch have died, I have plenty of time now !!!! 🙂


  1. Francois,
    You have so many damned ‘irons in the fire’ (old cowboy term from out Montana and Texas way) it is a wonder you get anything done at all. And with this trouble with your kisser, the stress must be terrible. I vote you take a two to three week holiday, grab the Mrs. and head out to the apartment in France. You NEED this, my friend! Don’t forget, Spring and Summer are just around the corner and you’ll be wanting to get out on the BMW on a regular basis. Don’t forget your friends out here that need work also…

  2. Well, the holiday was planned, but postponed becasue of (first) my unwilling jaw and (now) health problems with Nina’s father and sister. She’ll probably head over to Romania after Christmas.
    We’re counting on 2006 for improvements 😉

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