New ventures……

When someone is trying to push you out of business, and out of your income, there are two things you can do. Fight them with all means, or just go around them and do something else…. preferably better. Looks like I’m heading the second route. 😉

Fortunately we can still count on a huge group of LOYAL customers that keep coming back for some of the great products we offer and for our great and honest service. Thank you, you know who you are ! 😉

Currently working hard at setting up a new and now more professional webshop to sell our FSAddon software AND other (related) products. The plan is to have this shop accessible by Chinese customers as well. People from China can NOT buy at our western shops because our banking systems are different… but there appears to be a solution coming up, so stay tuned!

I am also working on a new, FREE website that is aiming to be the one-stop resource for all things classical aviation. On it I will present my ever-growing collection of links to some of the world’s best websites on the subject. ‘Tabs’ will include Events, Museums, Collections, Aircraft, History, Airfields and much more. The design is done, now the (HUGE) job to fill it with valuable content has started.

Last but not least, still trying to get our FSAddon authors to respond and continue working on some of the projects we were promised. ‘Real life’ often comes in the way for these people, mostly doing the development on the side while trying to make a living in a bad economy. Will keep you posted on that end via the FSAddon website.

Oh, but first Nina and I will be showing some of our favorite parts of Europe to some friends from Seattle next month. We’ll make it a EuropeRides Trip and will be adding to our photo stash and routes collection at the same time. So we’ll be gone for a bit again with very little time for ‘all things Internet’. We figure we’d better take full advantage of our health (despite my current back problems), our time and remaining money to do some GOOD things in life and worry about competitors and retirement later. Sorry !! 😉

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