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In the ‘series’ of ‘what I look at on the Internet’ here’s a web site I particularly like. It is called 1x.com and shows beautiful photos by a large number of photographers. Click here to see.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I have to get back to my bookkeeping AND check on our Dutch speed skaters in Vancouver. GO Sven !!!

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  1. I understand the frustration of the people that had downloading problems ,but for every one that had, there were many that didn’t. I downloaded Orbx’s PNW without a hitch. Took about 4 hours to download the 4.2Gb program, plus some time to unpack and install. Everything worked properly and it is awesome, as advertised, and as expected.

    I am not sure what more the retailer could have done, with limited resources? buy more servers? faster pipes? Are all their problems or are local ISPs involved? While I had a decently fast download experience, at an average of 200Kb/sec to peaks of 400Kb/sec., (cable-modem in USA), I read online comments from people with download speeds of 50Kb and even 25! I have to think their local ISPs, and country systems were involved in this issue. Can’t blame all in the distributor.

    Anyway, let’s enjoy the new scenery and hope for a timely addition of EmmaX, and later Misty Fjords X, to seamlessly connect the whole area to tyour excellent Tongass Fjords X!

    Keep the blue side up!

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