My first WhyFly story published!

Heck YESSSSS I am proud!

My friends at WhyFly, the brand new aviation web magazine from Canada, have read my first story and deemed it fit to join those already there. That means I am in the company of some VERY talented and esteemed writers and photographers AND aviation lovers. I couldn’t wish for a better place to be, really. And this is also the culmination of my life-long ‘quest’ of being involved in aviation. It’s probably as close as I’ll ever be, unless we manage to move to France and get my Ultralight License there. If I do, you won’t see me on-line anymore!

But until then, please have a look at WhyFly. It has some really wonderful articles and videos already and there will be more added every week from now on ! They are also looking for stories from pilots and aviation lovers that fit the goal: telling people in the world what is so wonderful about flying and aviation.

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