…. sent from my iPhone

Do I really care where you send your messages to me from !? Did our ancestors waste space and paper by having their mail pigeons carry a message ".. sent from my Mail Pigeon….."????????

Is this annoying me just because it occupies extra space on my hard disks, makes me scroll further down than need be and makes me lose time. Or am I just jealous because I can’t afford an iPhone? And is this really just advertising by Apple that cannot be turned off, or is it yet another "mine’s bigger than yours" syndrome of our high-tech information grail?
You choose.



  1. You can turn it off, but by default the mail program inserts that line. It’s just more Apple marketing nonsense. I’m sure there are a few geeks that get off on it, though. Just wait a few months until you start getting those “sent from my iPad” messages. Ugh.

  2. Maybe I should program my e-mail client to send a reply e-mail “…. refused from my Microsoft software…” :-)) The War of the Bots !

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