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1-0 for now.

It appears that it is so much ‘easier’ to quickly type a few lines on Facebook, read about what your friends and acquaintances are doing, check again a few times every day, and move on, then to write something worth reading on a blog. I complained about this before, to myself, who else, and am still not happy about it.
Anyway, I’ll try and turn the tide a little and get back to my regular blogging (on various (!) blogs) without going totally insane by trying to remember where I need to go on the Net every day!

Here’s some stuff I am working on today…. learning/tinkering with Google Sketchup!
I did that last year too, and stopped. But since Arno Gerretsen of wrote somewhere that you can port models made with Sketchup to FSX, I have a renewed interest. I am a publisher and not a developer….. but maybe a would-be developer and would-be ex-publisher? Who knows. I’d like to be able to make ‘simple’ objects for FSX myself, using maybe some of my 80.000+ digital photos for textures, and being a little bit less dependent upon time that others don’t have 😉

Don’t hold your breath.

Am also hard at work on some of my many websites/blogs to design new templates for them, using a very nice tool I found: Artistreer.

Ans last but not least, working on designing CD versions of some of the FSAddon products I don’t have in the shop yet, such ast Misty Fjords FS9, the Lysander and some others. Stay tuned.

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  1. Still prefer blogs much more. Don’t do Facebook and doubt I ever will as I have no need to “stay in touch” with kids.

    I’ve been blogging daily for several years now, and that will not stop either. Keep blogging!

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