Bandwagon Behaviour

Is it the financial crisis – whatever that may be – that lures people into trying to sell every bit of crap around the corner? I doubt it. I think actually that it is the Internet that’s to blame.
You see, ‘in the old days’ when you opened a shop to sell t-shirts printed with someone ELSE’s logos, or ‘drinks toasters’ made out of wrongly burned CD’s, or the umpteenth greenish satellite picture projected on some perfectly good FSX textures, you’d not have many people even ENTER the shop. Let alone buy the stuff.

And once the word got around and all 15.000 inhabitants of the town would have frowned over your shop window and passed it without buying, you’d have to close the shop unable to pay for the rent any longer.

Idea busted. Consumers’ money safe.

But with the Internet every Joe and Mary can rig up a $50 a year website, pretend they’re a corporation of some substance even and sell this kind of crap to not 15.000 city dwellers but to a couple million naive (?) Internet shoppers.

Unfortunately some industries are clearly not effected by any consumer watch dogs and flight simulation surely is one of those. People NEW to the hobby can walk into various traps with their eyes wide open. And quite a few do, indeed. Sadly.

Now, another phenomenon I have noticed over the years is that for some reason quite a few FS users seem to be dyslexic, or at least have a tendency towards it. I jokingly inquired somewhere else if this is a prerequisite for being a flightsimmer. Obviously not, but as I read MANY support forums and other community forums, it strikes me that quite often a buyer of PC goods really goes off about a purchase, while all he actually did was not properly READ the instructions or manual. A well-known expression in IT circles is that the ‘problem is between the back of the chair and the keyboard’.

Again, not really an issue with flightsimming in itself, but more with the fact of having computers and Internet probably. I mean, if you buy a plastic model kit and paste the wings upside down because you’ve never practiced with IKEA instruction sheets prior to attempting an Airfix model, what are you going to do? Drive into town and rant at the toyshop owner !!??
Hardly. More likely you’ll pry the wings off and somehow paste them back on, putting the damaged-looking result on a high shelf, out of sight of visitors. Or you just trash the mangled model and not tell anybody of your error.

But with the Internet, people just turn around, fire up their favorite forum and blast away at the poor developer, who did everything right. Except for the fact he sells his program to people who can’t read, are PC-analphabetics, have no patience at all or have some other deficiency making them slash out to anybody just because they can.

It is hugely frustrating to BOTH developers and (bad-reading) customers. The only real solution is to get rid of PC’s again….. hmmmmm…… 🙂



  1. Sounds like the PCs are doing their jobs well. The thing we need to get rid of is the PC operators. 😉

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