My good friend Jun passed away


Many of you will have known my good friend Jun Kazama, in many forums known as ‘Gallopinggoose’.

I am sad to tell you that Jun passed away on December 3rd, a victim of cancer.

Our heartfelt condolences go to his dear wife Fumie first and foremost.

But also to all of his many friends all over the world, whom he charmed with his enthusiasm and Internet presence. Jun was part of many Internet communities and forums and always present in our Beta Teams. He was a virtual bush pilot, made wonderful videos and connected many Japanese simmers to the rest of the world.

I know from our conversations that Jun strongly believed in us coming back in another form after passing away. That means we’ll meet again. Maybe, as Jun once said, as the eagles we both loved so much.

Rest in peace, my friend, until we meet again.



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  1. I’m saddened to hear of his passing. Jun was a great guy, and although (as is so common these days) we never met in person, his warmth for his friends and enthusiasm for flying were obvious. He will most definitely be missed.

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