Get Frankfurt from Aerosoft !

…. just downloaded and installed Frankfurt/Main Airport from Aerosoft. I am NOT a fan of large airports. I don’t fly there with my usual GA planes, and I hate the hit on fluidity of the sim they invariably cause.

But Frankfurt is ‘special’. Togehter with Schiphol and Heathrow I think it is the airport I visited most often in real life over the past 15 years or so, and it has some sort of ‘moody association’ in my brain. Been there so often on a late Friday evening, trying to get home after a few days or more at the old office in Frankfurt… those were lonely times. Wanted to be home, all (local) colleagues already at their fire places… and me sitting around this huge place where you know nobody !

The FS9 version is so well done! I recogize all the buildings, and can now taxi to the gate myself… and look out the front wondow !! It has all the gimmicks like movable jetways, position indicators and such.. but also a host of neat vehicles racing around everyway. The Skytrain is there too…. and the Autobahn to Basel has tons of cars, trucks and buses moving along on it !!! Really neat!

And yes, it DOES hit the sim’s performance, especially on this old and now mediocre system of mine. But for once I am willing to put up with that.
Whenever I am in a melancholic mood now, I load up FFM Airport and drive around in my Cessna, or one of Bill Lyons vehicles. Looking for my favorite taxi driver out front……… 😉

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