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Aircraft by Simon Smeiman / Simon's Stingray
« on: September 08, 2017, 04:34:40 AM »
On the ORBX screenshot forum there was a screenshot that contained a shot of Simon's Stingray. It was stated in the comments that it was available at Sim Out-house but a search there gave me a link back to FSAddon. Unfortunately this link did not work and was wondering if it is still available.

Aircraft by Simon Smeiman / FSAddon and P3D V4
« on: June 17, 2017, 08:15:20 AM »
After a week of installing and testing I can say that the Lockheed Hudson/Super Electra/Lodestar, Avro Anson and the WACO package all work in P3D V4. Depending on your settings there could be an impact on FPS but other than that all is fine.

I have what would be considered a low end/ middle of the road system and my scenery settings are Extremely Dens and Autogen is set to Dense. At my default airport (Coffs Harbour YSCH) I seem to be averaging between 20 and 30 FPS.

Aircraft by Simon Smeiman / Problems with Hudson Mark3 Civ
« on: October 19, 2016, 06:54:08 AM »

I should have reported this earlier as I picked it up quite some time ago but kept getting distracted. But after having just done a clean install of W10 and installed P3D V3.4 I reinstalled Simon's Hudson and was reminded of this problem.

Originally I only had the default Mark3 Hudson which was the ADASTRA SIR SERVICES VH-AGS in the Orange/Blue/White colour scheme and the screenshots show just what I have come up against. In order to be sure it was just an error I installed 2 of my repaints and had the same problem. One was the Grey/White version of VH-AGS and another was VH-SMM which was a bare metal paint scheme.

With SMM not only did it screw up the paint scheme and the sinage on the aircraft but it killed the alpha channels and left me with a completely grey colour scheme. Also the tailwheel is buried up to its hub.

The strange thing is though the paint on the fuselage is completely screwed the lettering on the wings and the tailfins is not effected. As this has happened to all 3 paint schemes in that particular I am wondering if there isn't a problem with the Mark3 fuselage model as this also happens with the Mark3 Mil model. I have more screenshots if needed.

Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

Aircraft by Simon Smeiman / Anson paintkits
« on: October 20, 2015, 03:06:36 AM »
Hi Simon, Now that you are here on this forum I am wondering if there is a paintkit forthcoming for the Avro Anson.

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