When FSAddon Publishing released Tongass Fjords (after the initial Misty Fjords box office hit!) it wasn’t long before the Misty Moorings fan group latched onto it. There were several websites based on these great sceneries, actually. Several years later when Holger Sandmann (now at Orbx) built Tongass Fjords X, the Misty Moorings fan group re-started and built the page Return to Misty Moorings. Since then they have fostered a lively community, built a lovely place, released many freeware add-ons and  kept the Tongass area alive in spite of all the Orbx advertising for adjacent areas.

Their latest feat is the SHIPPING! Misty Fjords and Tongass Fjords were the first sceneries with an elaborate shipping AI installation, and RTMM has built on that capability with their own projects. TFAISP (Tongass Fjords AI Shipping Project) is fittingly the first of a series and can be freely downloaded from their site here. Conceived by Brad Allen but made possible by the combined talents of Brad Allen, Rod Jackson, Dexter Thomas and “JJ”, TFAISP will add many ships to the already active Tongass Fjords Region. Check out the work that has gone into this, and enjoy the site !

(FSAddon Publishing is a FRIENDLY publisher and provides certain discounts to recognized members of RTMM, and also to 65+ customers. Check out our shop at Silvercloud-store.com where you will find Tongass Fjords and many other great products, including freeware titles!).

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