Our colleague and FS friend Bill Ortis of Lionheart Creations has published his latest creation, the Proton Bullette.

“…. the exciting, classic Proton Bullette, the single seat trainer of the 1930’s and 40’s.  The Bullette was a mix of the best of Germany’s aircraft era, sporting a fuselage that was quite similar to the Bucker Jungman with its bowed down engine cowling, allowing pilots to see over the cowling much better.  The wings were made similar to Junkers swept back wing design.  The propulsion was the inverted V-8 by Argus engine company featuring 245 HP….”.

The Bullette for FSX and P3D comes in 2 versions, fixed and retractable gear, with many different paint schemes. You can also download a paintkit to add even more skins yourself.
For the first week the Bullette only costs $ 14.99, after that the package is $ 19,99. Read all about it on Bill’s own website here.

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