Dear customers, I am really sorry to report that for the time being MY support and other FSAddon activities will be on a very low level.

Our house and home here in Italy got arson-ed and we cannot live in it for the time being. All the shenanigans with insurance and such is taking up all our time, whilst we are camping out with some Italian friends.

My office is not usable and I only have limited data ‘in the cloud’ (yeah, I’m old-fashioned). Everything is backed up, but until the house is livable again and I can get my office up and running, there is not much I can do with the backups.

This is a major blow to us, after having worked hard the past three years to get the house restructured and prepared for our definite move here. I hope you can be patient until Nina and I have our life back on track and my systems back on-line.

Warmest regards,

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