Yup, we’re finally getting ready to publish our new aircraft for FSX (and FSX:SE), the WACO bi-planes. And yes, that’s plural. We have not one BUT SIX DIFFERENT models in this package.

And although there are a few WACO’s on the market already, the FSAddon/Smeiman products always excel in variety and superior price/quality setting ! You get 6 VERY DIFFERENT models in this package, including different cockpits, animations and flight characteristics. And some really original animations, of course.

But that’s not all ! We also throw in a totally FREE WACO glider for you ! It is the CG4 Waco Assault glider, used in the Second World War at the Normandy landings and elsewhere.
Oh, and you get not one but THREE different versions….. one with 8 troops, one with a Willys jeep and one with an artillery piece…. and all of these with wonderful unloading animations !

We’re working hard to finish the manuals and installers…… so stay tuned for a release towards the end of this month !





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