We lost many files after our forced move to new site and shop, but I am getting some of them back, finally. Here’s the freeware Stingray amphibian that Simon Smeiman made some years ago ! (also available in the ‘download’ section again).

“….. The Stingray is a small futuristic amphibious plane constructed with the latest available space age
composite and metallurgic materials making it a very light but sturdy and durable aircraft. Power is from
a special modified Lycoming six-cylinder engine, spinning a five bladed Thrustmaster prop at high
revolutions inside an innovative thrust-duct. The engine, propeller and thrust-duct combination deliver
an almost jet like stream of air pushing the Stingray forward at speeds exceeding 280 mph. At the same
time it also enables the Stingray to fly at very slow speeds….”.

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