Since we posted our Christmas Specials on the shop, we’ve seen a lot of people ‘digging in’ and getting themselves some of the goodies. More than expected really, what with this bad economy all around. In fact the bad financial status of many in various countries was the main reason to reach out and discount some of our main products! And we are really glad to see so many of you benefiting form it ! ENJOY !!

(Oh, and check this out: you can still benefit UNTIL JANUARY 10th !!!)

Meanwhile we’re working on some new products, like Pieve di Cadore (as shown further down), and the Lockheed Hudson/Lodestar. I’ll have some First Beta pictures to show later today I hope, although release of the aircraft is still firmly ‘down the road’.

Another bit of news is that we’ll be increasing our cooperation with FranceVFR and hopefully will have some new products in the next year. To start with we’ll be selling their Haute Normandie photo software in our shop soon!! Stay tuned !

For now, we at FSAddon Publishing wish all our customers, friends and colleagues a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a WONDERFULL 2012 !!!!

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