If you click on the picture, you can download a Discount Coupon for the upcoming FS Weekend in Lelystad, The Netherlands. Showing it at the entrance will get you a TWO EUROS discount for Each Person in the company (up to 4 max.).

The FS Weekend is easily one of the world’s largest, best-known and certainly the oldest Flight Simulator event. It all started with a ‘LAN-party’ in the old Aviodome at Schiphol Aiport, and has grown into this mega event at Hollands National Aviation Museum and Theme Park, the Aviodrome.

Yours truly will be there as member of the FSDeveloper and NL2000 team, showing Google Sketchup to the masses, and more in particular its usefulness for developing objects for FS(X). I partnered with Arno Gerretsen of FSDeveloper (and long-time NL2000 member), one of the world’s designated FS Tools Gurus !

I’ll also have information available about our new SupportMyFS initiative, a service that should start being available second half of November! Watch this space !!!

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