Jaap van Hees, the author of our VFR Guide series for FS2004, has released a wonderful freeware package, depicting the London-Melbourne Air race of 1934, where the Dutch Uiver (A DC-2) won the handicap section.

“…. With this package you can fly the MacRobertson Air Race, also known as the London-Melbourne Race, held in October 1934 exactly the same way the winner of the handicap section, KLM’s DC-2 PH-AJU “Uiver”, did.
This package contains everything you need: Flightplans, weather conditions, flight situation files (*.FLT) for every leg, detailed 1934 scenery and maps of all of the aerodromes where a stopover was made, 1934 enroute scenery, per leg flight descriptions also containing information and facts about the London-Melbourne race itself and the other competitors and much more.

In both Dutch and English. See the Readme.txt and the installation instructions. This package will keep you busy for a while. Enjoy….”.

We of course encourage you to get the donationware DC-2 by Rob Cappers to make this race really realistic. All proceeds go to the Dutch Aviation Museum the Aviodrome, flying one of two remaning DC-2’s. You can purchase the DC-2 here.

Available as a free download from our webshop here. And if you don’t like to register with us, you can also get it from Avsim.

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