Every year there is this very typical Alaskan party of bush pilots, showing and sharing their short landing skills. Dario Bortot and Bruno Bit have made us an FSX version of this event, giving us, FOR FREE, an enhanced Valdez Airfield (PAVD) and area, including the competition track and the crowds to watch ! Now you can try it yourself in your favorite STOL aircraft – presumably a Piper or Husky!

The REAL EVENT starts today as well ! Information on that can be found in a couple of places. Here’s the Facebook Page for the event. Some news from the local newspaper. And a pdf file with the real event’s programming. And last but not least a blog post from the Alaska TravelGram.

We will upload the file later today to the webshop….. still working on final little details. Like adding a professional installer.

Here’s a shot from the product taken last night

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